Facilitating a session for Safaricom Dealers Association Board – July 2017
Distributorship Associations
Institute For Family Business (IFFB) faculty are specialists in owner-manager and families-in-business. IFFB provides a unique opportunity, to tap into long-standing experience having supported and worked with some of the most successful Companies with large network of distributors in Kenya and the Region.
Considering that a sizable segment of distributor networks consists of Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs). The SMEs’ in most instances (upward of 80%), are legal entities with a great majority being family-owned businesses, where family members control ownership and/or decision making. This form of entrepreneurial business organization is complex, with risks for any large business with a long term business view and a large distributor network, having to contend with three interest groups namely; the family, the owners and the business.
Our Faculty are the most in-demand family and owner-held business experts for training these entrepreneurial and family-owned businesses to ensure distributor sustainability by mitigating Family Business, Continuity and Succession Risk among the network of distributors.
Distributor training sessions are rolled out at conventions, conferences, retreats, meetings, and higher education in Kenya and the region.
We are committed that during the sessions, we educate, engage, and inspire your audience with compelling insights, through our experience, and depth of first-hand knowledge of trends and techniques that can be applied to family-owned businesses. This enables the entrepreneurial family businesses successfully transition from generation to generation.
Each event is unique, and we pride ourselves in providing you with competent, effective keynote speakers, whose presentations are tailored to fit the special interests of the audience.  We will also assist you in finding the perfect topic, and theme for your upcoming event – and still stay within your budget.
Whether it is a keynote address, business meeting, lecture, interactive workshop, or program presentation,let Institute Family Business (IFFB) help you find the perfect speaker for your next event.
Course Duration:
Each of the Programs is covered over either Two, Three (Hours) or for a Full-Day. However, we can customize this to fit your organizations’ needs
The session can be conducted at your preferred venue, or at your office
Your Investment:
The total cost depends on the duration(Exclusive of VAT)
Course Duration: