About the Course
Family Business 101 is the premier family business course in the region. The program will actively help you expand your knowledge of successful family firms and better understand and navigate specific challenges and critical issues in your own family business.
Target Participants: Owners-Managers, Business-Owning Family Members, Non-Family Managers, Board Members.
Course Objectives.

  • Learn the best strategies and governance structures to preserve and grow your family business and wealth.
  • Learn how to optimize communication and strengthen team spirit amongst family members.
  • Understand how family members, non-family managers and board members can add value over generations.
  • Enable family members to develop and implement various business strategic, governance and practical legacy action plans.

The program will help you analyze your business today and reshape it for tomorrow. It is an opportunity to network, share and benchmark with other family firms, all with similar dilemmas. Learn from each other and tap into the IFFB’s long-standing experiences with some of the most successful family businesses in Kenya and the region.
The curriculum has been carefully built from actual real life scenarios with a rich variety of case studies, selected articles, videos and relevant exercises. A carefully selected team of industry experienced faculty, professionals and guest speakers from various expert fields form part of the team during the course.
The program: has 4 modules to be covered in 4 months. The first two modules focus on the soft psychological, social and cultural family business matters and the second two modules focus on the technical business and governance family business matters. Participants will be required to attend the 2 days or 3 days as per the specific module. There will be one-on-one executive coaching and industry visits between the modules. The modules will have personal assignments to be done to ensure that the concepts learned are put to practical application and that progress is continuously being made in developing a personal and family business plans.
Expected Learning Outcomes
Analyse your family business today and reshape it for tomorrow:

  1. Better understanding of the family business model and dynamics.
  2. Learn how to leverage the strengths of family business management and successfully implement practices that drive high performance, shareholder loyalty—and healthy family relationships.
  3. Navigate specific challenges and critical issues in your family business.
  4. Probe key issues facing family businesses: growth, risk, governance, investments, projects, succession, sibling rivalry, wealth and culture.
  5. Learn to manage conflict, complex family structures, diverse personalities and difficult relationships
  6. Benchmark best practices to broaden your understanding of successful family businesses
  7. Get concrete take-home value to drive overall performance
  8. Develop a concrete action plan for career planning, talent development, family meetings, family agreements and governance.

Enrollment is currently ongoing for the February 2018 class
For enrollment you can contact
Paul Ouma,paul.ouma@institutefamilybusiness.co.ke                  Telephone +254722259855
Peter Ouma Muga peter.ouma@institutefamilybusiness.co.ke Telephone +254 732998655

Your Investment
Your total investment for the course is Ksh. 285,000 (Inclusive of 16% Vat) per person. There is  a registration and booking fee of Ksh. 75,000 as part of the course fees.
The fee includes the course training and reference materials, electronic templates, exercises, venue facilities, accommodation and transport for the away experiential module, executive coaching and the graduation.
Payments can be done in two or three equal installments with the last fee payment being made before the beginning of the 3rd module.
For Registration details contact;
Telephone +254 (0) 722 259855
Payment can be made via cash or Cheque to;
Institute for Family Business Ltd
Bank Transfer (kindly provide deposit or the transfer slip )
Account Name: Institute For Family Business Ltd
Account No: 01148163092000
Bank: Cooperative Bank Of Kenya
Branch:Upper hill Branch Nairobi