Institute For Family Business (IFFB), is the first and specialized premier family business training , Coaching and advisory services provider in the region. We support entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses with direct, concise and easy to follow growth and sustainability family business solutions. Through training; Family Business 101, and other specialized topic-focused sessions on Family Business, and private family business coaching and advisory support services.
The aim of IFFB is to support entrepreneurs, and the perpetration of family-owned, family-controlled enterprises, assisting them grow and transition from generation to generation.



 Our mission is  Equipping & Empowering Family Business Enterprises.


Our vision is to Support the needs of family businesses in Africa through delivery of world-class advisory and support services to the families, the businesses and their advisors.


• Our integrated, multi-disciplinary expertise in family relationships, business strategy, corporate governance, finance, ownership, and philanthropy aims to help the region`s business families innovate and grow their businesses.

• Our commitment to clients is to help them create and cultivate a lasting family legacy based on sound business practices and a long-term view supported by appropriate lasting family practices