Transmitting Values & the Impact on Next Generation

Transmitting Values & the Impact on Next Generation

Aren’t you as delighted, to see World and Olympic 800m champion David Rudisha running with his daughter? How sweet!! Imagine, my thoughts now race with, some, Founders [and generally the leading generation in families] many who continue to struggle with how to transmit appropriate values to succeeding generations in a manner
that ensures the values are internalized and maintained. A failure, widely believed to be at the heart of the challenges we read about with almost predictable frequency being faced by numerous family businesses today, and which denies them the opportunity to transition successfully from generation-to-generation.
Fast forward…..and the often unheard story … is that David Rudisha, [below running with daughter at home] is the son of an athletic legend Daniel Rudisha. The Senior
Rudisha, was part of Kenya’s grand generation of quartermilers that won the Olympic 4x400m silver in 1968 (along with team-mates Charles Asati, Munyoro Nyamau, & Naftali Bon). Besides, Davids’ mother, Naomi, who was a graceful and outstanding 400m hurdler. Familiar Story!! The story doesn’t end there, because Daniel, who anchored Kenya’s 4×400 silver medal-winning team at the Mexico City games, upon retiring from sport, become a school teacher and coach. He trained a number of world class Kenyan Athletes including Billy Konchella who went on to win two World Championship gold medals in Rome 1987 and Tokyo 1991. Rudisha senior also trained his son

  • David Rudisha – and is his main influence. See!! See!! And not only did they [Daniel and Naomi] pass this athletic ability on to their son, but Daniel gave invaluable advice says David; ….. “If you go to the track and run by yourself, you don’t know if you’re going to be a winner or a loser because you have nobody to compete with,” he recalls his father telling him. “So the people you are competing with are actually the ones who make you become a winner or make you do the best you can. Without them you are nothing and you have to appreciate them.”……..
    While at times the transmission of values “may-just-happen”, however, to ensure sufficient gains, it must be a deliberate initiative, rolled out in a consistent, structured and sustainable manner. Considering Corporate Governance for Family-Owned Businesses would go a long way in tackling the crippling [and yet also valuable]
    complexities faced by families-in-business and which denies them opportunities of successfully transitioning for generation..………over to you.

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